Product Development

Engineering Technology Corporation offers outstanding capabilities for your next R&D filament winding project!


Our team of experts are trained in the tools needed to get the job done. We have experience with composite design and analysis, a deep understanding of manufacturing processes and their limitations. We work closely with fiber manufacturers to understand raw material variabilities and the interaction between different fiber types and resin systems.


Please reach out today to shape your success in the composite industry tomorrow!

Composite Design and Analysis

Engineering Technology Corporation provides design and analysis services to accommodate your needs. This service includes recommendations for fiber, resin systems and metal designs. We have worked in a variety of industries and have a well-balanced team with experience in aerospace, automotive, alternative energy industry, civil and the general industry.

Tooling Design for Composite Testing

Testing composite parts can be frustrating - we feel your pain. Engineering Technology Corporation has developed specialized composite fixtures to test a variety of composite parts ranging from pultruded rods to pressure vessels. We can help with standard testing but also with custom test fixtures.

Prototyping and Small-Number Production

Need help with prototypes and small production runs - no problem, we can help. We can work with you and provide a quote for small production runs. Although we specialize in filament winding we can produce composite parts made with other manufacturing processes.