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Improved efficiency, safety, production capability, quality and traceability are more important than ever for the filament winding industry as composites become commonplace in the commercial sector. Process automation allows manufacturers to meet their goals while also streamlining in the workforce.

CNC Systems Integration

Engineering Technology Corporation offers process automation that ranges from simple barcode reading to full-scale “lights-out” automated work cells that function without operator involvement.

As a FANUC Authorized CNC Systems Integrator, Engineering Technology Corporation brings all work cell devices into a single CNC controller for a robust, easy-to-use system.



Robot Systems Integration

As a FANUC Authorized Robot Systems Integrator Engineering Technology Corporation is also capable of using the latest robotics. Beyond filament winding, robotics can be used for part loading and unloading, auxiliary processes, and inspection to improve and replace existing manufacturing steps. FANUC robots are easy to operate and service and with payloads up to 5070 lbs (2300 kg) can be used in almost any manufacturing environment.



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