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Filament Winding Accessories

Filament Winding Accessories

Engineering Technology Corporation has been supplying filament winding machines, equipment, and accessories to the filament winding industry for over six decades. The company’s primary focus is customer satisfaction through the development of complete solutions, excellent performance, and the best outcome of each filament winding project.

As a global expert in filament winding, Engineering Technology Corporation knows all about filament winding and provides everything needed to optimize any filament winding workcell’s performance and safety. From resin baths to delivery heads and every fiber contact point between, Engineering Technology Corporation has a product to make the filament winding process reliable and user-friendly. Whether increasing operator safety with light curtains, improving fiber wet-out with an upgraded resin bath, or adding capability such as tape dispensing, every piece of accessory incorporates Engineering Technology Corporation’s decades of experience and innovation.

Contact us, and the Engineering Technology Corp. experts will help you find the best solution for your operational need.

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