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Filament Winders

More Than Machines

Filament winding machines – the central part of composite parts production.

Over the past several decades, Engineering Technology Corporation has placed over 900 filament winding machines, the majority of which are still in production. These machines make production composite parts ranging from golf club shafts and small electric motor windings to rocket casings. With unique resources, outstanding partners, and a deep knowledge base, Engineering Technology Corp. designs and builds cost-effective, reliable machinery with capabilities beyond the standards: from desktop filament winders to multi-spindle high-speed automated pressure vessel winders with industry-leading fiber payout. The portfolio includes everything from filament winding machines to fiber placement systems. Explore standard and custom filament winding machines!

In addition to machinery and production lines, our experts provide complete solutions for the filament winding industry, including production consulting, onsite machinery installation, process integration, training, and other services to meet our customers’ needs for manufacturing composite parts. Engineering Technology Corp. is fully committed to the best outcome for each filament winding project, customer satisfaction, and long-term partnerships.

Contact us to discuss your filament winding goals. The experts from Engineering Technology Corp. will provide the best solution to suit your filament winding needs.

Filament Winders
Filament winding machine
Standard Filament Winders
Cost-effective, reliable filament winders that covers the majority of market needs
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Custom cell CXG and ST2
Custom Filament Winders
Capability beyond the standard filament winders tailored specifically for unique custom needs
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Winding software FiberGrafiX
Winding Software

Engineering Technology Corporation is a pioneer in computer-controlled filament winding machinery and developed the world’s first filament winding software, FiberGrafiX®, which provides a wide range of tools to create and optimize fiber paths machine motions.

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Complete solutions
Process automation with FANUC for filament winding
Improve efficiency, productivity, reliability, and safety with a leading FANUC ASI
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Accessories for filament winding equipment
A complete line of fiber handling solutions to optimize filament winding production
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Winding software FiberGrafiX

capability beyond the standard filament winders tailored specifically for unique custom needs’ with ‘Tape Wrappers for High-Pressure, High-Heat Structures

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