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Auxiliary Equipment

Other Machinery for a Complete Production Line

Engineering Technology Corporation’s team of engineers, material specialists, and process technicians allows manufacturing of customized filament winding machinery, production lines, automated work cells, and other auxiliary equipment for a complete production cycle. The company develops and supplies all kinds of equipment for filament winding and provides consulting, process integration, automation, installation, training, and maintenance support.

Contact us to discuss your goals for filament winding and how we can apply our expert capabilities to create the best solution to suit your filament winding needs.

Pipe Curing Oven
Pipe Curing Oven
  • 12 or 18 position rotary oven for curing of pipe and tubes up to 10” in diameter
  • IR panels provide safe and effective curing with temperatures up to 350o F
  • Top crane access for loading/unloading provides quicker cycle times for production environments
Pipe Hydraulic Pressure Tester
Pipe Hydraulic Pressure Tester
  • Proof test pipes in a production environment quickly and safely
  • Hydraulicly pressurized system capable of pressure up to 414 bar (6000 psi) and tensile testing forces up to 40000 lbs
  • Built-in crane hoist and removable caps/plugs allow for testing of nearly any size pipe
Mandrel Extractor
Mandrel Extractor
  • Extracts mandrels for wound pipes and tubes up to 10” diameter
  • Hydraulically powered extraction force up to 60000 lbs
  • Combination saw station, extractor station, and mandrel prep station minimize the footprint
Pipe Thread Grinder
Pipe Thread Grinder
  • CNC controlled external thread grinding capability for composite tubes and pipes
  • Grinding wheel profile can be designed for nearly any external pipe thread, including R, NPT, or API
  • Pipe staging station, full-length clamping, and built-in coolant system provide clean, quick operation
Ring Winder
Ring Winder for pipes manufacturing
  • Rapidly produces composite pipes and tubes up to 10” diameter
  • Ring delivery design, resin bath, and resin capture system lay down up to 120 tows of fiber at once
  • Mandrel tensioning and sag compensation support winding of long, thin tubes
Complete solutions
Winding software FiberGrafiX
Winding Software

Engineering Technology Corporation is a pioneer in computer-controlled filament winding machinery and developed the world’s first filament winding software, FiberGrafiX®, which provides a wide range of tools to create and optimize fiber paths machine motions.

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