Filament Winding

Engineering Technology Corporation offers outstanding capabilities for your filament winding projects!


Our team of experts are trained in the tools needed to get the job done. We have experience with composite design and analysis, a deep understanding of manufacturing processes and their limitations. We work closely with fiber manufacturers to understand raw material variabilities and the interaction between different fiber types and resin systems.


Please reach out today to shape your success in the filament winding industry tomorrow!


Design, Analysis and Simulation

Engineering Technology Corporation provides design and analysis services for any filament wound product. We can help you design, analyze and simulate the product. This service can be as simple as a initial trade study to help you size your process for budgetary purposes or as complex as final product development and certification help.

Prototype Winding and Testing

We provide build to print services but we can also help you create the winding program. We have a variety of winders in house that can wind small 1″ diameter parts to 60″ diameter parts with up to 5 axis of motion. We provide in house burst testing up to 30,000 psi and cycle testing up to 6,000 psi.

Process and Software Training

Our team of experts offer filament winding training and process optimization. Whether you’re just starting in this field or need a second set of eyes to help you optimize your process we can help. We offer process and FiberGrafiX® training in house or at your facility.