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Tape Wrappers

Robust, Cost-Effective Machines for Creating Aerospace Structures

Engineering Technology Corporation has been producing tape wrapping machines for over 50 years. Tape wrapping machines are specialized composite manufacturing equipment specially designed to create carbon / phenolic structures, which excel in applications where high heat and pressures are encountered. These structures have a been a staple of the aerospace, defense, and space exploration industries since the 1960’s.

As interest in carbon / phenolic structures has increased, Engineering Technology Corporation has worked hard to provide the next generation of tape wrapper machines. Engineering Technology Corporation’s is pleased to offer new standard tape wrapping machines that offer more precise tape placement, better control over process variables, and require less operator interaction than previous machines. Two standard sizes of tape wrapping machine are available for maximum structure diameters of 30 or 60 inches, with custom sizes available for larger structures.

Contact us to discuss your tape wrapping goals. The experts from Engineering Technology Corp. will provide the best solution to suit your tape wrapping needs.

Catalog of Standard TAPE WRAPPERS
Small-Scale Structures
TW30 Tape Wrapper
  • 30-inch diameter capacity and tape widths up to 7 inches
  • Minimized headstock size to improve operator clearance
  • 5 axes of motion with motorized tailstock positioning
Larger Structures
TW60 Tape Wrapper
  • 60-inch diameter capacity and tape widths upto 14 inches
  • Robust framework to support large mandrels and structures
  • 5 axes of motion with motorized tailstock positioning
Catalog of Standard Filament Winders*
lbs 50 50 750 1 000 1 000 20 000
kg 23 23 340 454 454 9 072
inches 1-12 1-12 1-24 1-30 1-16 1-80
mm 25-305 25-305 25-610 25-762 25-406 25-2 032
inches 80 80 200 200 200 475
mm 2 023 2 023 5 080 5 080 5 080 12 065
of Spindles
1-3 1 1 1-5 3-5 1
of Axes
2 3-4 2-5 2-5 4 2-5
Speed icon speed value icon speed value icon speed value icon speed value icon speed value icon speed value
*Variable characteristic based on wound part specifications
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Standard Filament Winders

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Custom Filament Winders

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