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Engineering Technology Corporation offers outstanding capabilities for your R&D projects!

Our team of experts is trained in the tools needed to get the job done. We have experience with composite design and analysis, a deep understanding of manufacturing processes and their limitations. We work closely with fiber manufacturers to understand raw material variabilities and the interaction between different fiber types and resin systems.

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Feasibility Studies
Process and Product Feasibility Studies

Engineering Technology Corp. can help you convert metal parts to composite parts or simply study different composite possibilities. We also provide machinery recommendations based on the required throughput. Our studies are based on high-fidelity simulations with FEA and FiberGrafiX®.

prototyping and testing
Prototyping and Testing

Have a design and need us to help you build to print and test it? No problem – we can help! Get a head start in developing your process by having us make your initial prototypes. We have experience and can help you select the right machinery for your process and testing needs.

Data Acquisition and Analysis

Create a product database with real test results to show your customers. We can help you develop test plans and provide test reports with the data you need. We collect strain data, load data, burst pressure, number of cycles, and volumetric expansion. Strain data and fiber strand data are used to calculate accurate translation of properties.