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CXG Filament Winder

  • Advanced filament winder capable of speeds up to 5 m/s
  • Ideal for high-volume automotive applications, including CNG and CHG tanks
  • 4 high-speed axes
  • Lightweight dual-drive carriage

High-Speed Winding

The CXG filament winding machine is ideal for high-volume automotive applications. This machine is designed specifically for high-speed CNG and CHG tank production for the automotive industry. Driven by dual motors, the lightweight carriage will reach speeds up to five m/s allowing for industry-leading fiber payout speeds for accurate towpreg or slit tape application. The CXG winder can meet and exceed the industry-leading fiber payout speeds (5 m/s), especially in combination with the ST2 high-speed tensioning creel. Composite part manufacturing is streamlined with an easy-to-use interface and winding software: FiberGrafiX®.

The CXG filament winder is a standardized filament winder with all the standard product line benefits such as optimized price, reduced lead time, trusted reliability, and flexibility for future expansion. This model may be customized and automated to any customer requirement level.

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Contact us to discuss your filament winding goals and how Engineering Technology Corp. can apply its expert capabilities to create the best solution to suit your filament winding needs.

Model Number


Maximum Mandrel Diameter

16 inches

Horizontal Carriage Stroke

96, 144, or 192 inches (options)

Radial Carriage Stroke

10 inches

Maximum Mandrel Weight (per spindle)

1000 lbs

Number of Spindles


Number of Axes

Up to 4

Spindle Speed

300 RPM

Horizontal Carriage Speed

150 inches/sec

Radial Carriage Speed

125 inches/sec (3rd axis)

Rotating Eye Diameter

6 inches (4th axis)

Rotating Eye Speed

1080 degrees/sec (4th axis)

Fiber System

Wet winding or towpreg

Maximum Fiber Tension (Total)

125 lbs

Basic Machine Size(L x W x H)

156 X 80 X 120 inches

Control System


Available Winder Options
  • Pneumatic tailstock quill(s)
  • Siemens control system
  • 120 VAC power outlet (or any available power)
Available Accessories
  • ST2 servo tensioning creel
  • Towpreg delivery head
  • Tape tensioner
  • Safety fence
  • Safety light curtains
  • Safety control systems
  • Auto tie-on/cut-off system
  • Tailstock chucks

All filament winders are compatible with standalone fiber tensioning and resin systems