CXG Filament Winder

High-Speed Production


The CXG model is a standardized filament winder with all the benefits of our standard product line: optimized price, reduced lead time, trusted reliability and flexibility for future expansion. The machine may be customized and automated to any level of customer needs.


The CXG filament winder is designed specifically for high-speed CNG and CHG tank production for the automotive industry. Driven by dual motors, the lightweight carriage will reach speeds up to 5 m/s allowing for industry-leading fiber payout speeds for accurate towpreg or slit tape application.

Model Number


Max Mandrel Diameter

16 inches

Horizontal Carriage Stroke

96 inches / 144, 192 inches (options)

Radial Carriage Stroke

10 inches

Maximum Mandrel Weight (Per spindle)

1000 lbs

Mandrel Support

Chuck and Live Center

Number of Spindles

Up to 5

Number of Axes

Up to 4

Spindle Speed

300 RPM

Horizontal Carriage Speed

160 inches/sec

Radial Carriage Speed

120 inches/sec (3rd axis)

Rotating Eye Diameter

4 inches (4th axis)

Rotating Eye Speed

1080 degrees/sec (4th axis)

Fiber System

Wet Winding or Towpreg

Maximum Fiber Tension (Total)

125 lbf

Machine Size (Basic Machine Only) (L x W x H)

156 X 80 X 120 inches

Electrical Power

480 VAC, 3 Phase

Pneumatic Power


Control System


Available Winder Options
  • 113, 160, or 207 inch Carriage Stroke
  • Pneumatic Tailstock Quill(s)
  • Siemens Control System
  • 120 VAC Power Outlet
Available Accessories
  • Servo Tensioning (ST2) Creels
  • Towpreg Delivery Heads
  • Tape Tensioners
  • Safety Fences
  • Safety Light Curtains
  • Safety Control Systems
  • Auto Tie-on/Cut-off Systems
  • Tailstock Chucks
  • Winder Safety Controls

All Filament Winders are compatible with standalone fiber tensioning and resin systems


Servo Tensioning (ST2) Creels

An innovative and compact tensioning creel developed for high-speed and accuracy. The configuration of the guide rollers reduces stringer wrap-ups and fuzz. The standard ST2 can hold up to sixteen 9-inch diameter bobbins in an 82”x72”x40” footprint. The system can be customized and is compatible with towpreg and wet winding systems.

Towpreg Delivery Heads

ETC’s towpreg delivery head provides the same level of control as the wet winding head but with all rolling contacts to work with today’s advanced towpreg fiber systems. Each head is configured for a specific tow width and number of tows.

Tape Tensioners

Give any ETC filament winding machine the ability to place shrink tape, veil or other spooled materials onto your mandrel. Tapes up to 3” wide can be placed with the same accuracy as fiber and with tensions up to 20 lbf.

Safety Fences

Acts a physical barrier around a workcell to keep operators safe from moving machinery. Safety fences can include interlocked doors for workcell access and be combined with Light Curtains and Foot Controls for customized safety needs.

Safety Light Curtains

Light curtains provide additional operator safety to any ETC winding machine. Each system is customized to protect hands, limbs or bodies from touching moving components inside the work cell. The machinery will stop immediately when a beam is broken, ensuring a safe work environment.

Safety Control Systems

Allow operators to maintain hand contact with the mandrels for tie-on/cut-off or placing local reinforcement while still being able to rotate the mandrel (forward and reverse) or stop it immediately as needed with foot operation.

Auto Tie-on/Cut-off Systems

For the highest production facilities the time it takes to tie-on and cut-off fiber before and after winding can significantly add to the total process time. ETC’s auto tie-on/cut-off system takes the place of an operator to perform these operations and increase throughput. Available for wet winding and towpreg systems.

Tailstock Chucks

Solidly support mandrels with the addition of a tailstock chuck. Ideal for unbalanced mandrels or delicate mandrels that may not withstand the axial force of a live center. The chuck is mounted to a standard Morse Taper and can be swapped with the tailstock live center for mandrel supporting flexibility.


Fanuc CNC Systems Integration

As an Authorized FANUC CNC Systems Integrator ETC brings all work cell devices into a single CNC controller for a robust, easy-to-use system.    

Fanuc Robot Systems Integration

As an Authorized FANUC Robot Systems Integrator Engineering Technology Corporation is also capable of using the latest robotics.