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SC Filament Winder

  • Small and lightweight desktop filament winder
  • Ideal for R&D, lab, and educational use
  • 2 accurate axes of motion with adjustable tailstock
  • Multi-spindle design available for higher production volume

Lab-Scale Winding

The SC is a desktop filament winder, ideal for R&D, lab, or educational use. Compact and accurate, the SC was developed specifically for the school and workplace laboratory. Its two axes allow for flexible, speedy prototyping and creation of simple composite parts. The SC creates flat uni-directional panels for test specimens, rings for NOL testing and certifications, or even small-scale R&D or production parts. The SC filament winder is an affordable yet robust option for entry-level filament winding needs. Composite part manufacturing is streamlined with an easy-to-use interface and winding software: FiberGrafiX®.

The SC filament winder is a standardized filament winder with all the standard product line benefits such as optimized price, reduced lead time, and trusted reliability. This model may be customized and automated to any level of customer needs.

Contact us to discuss your filament winding goals and how Engineering Technology Corp. can apply its expert capabilities to create the best solution to suit your filament winding needs.

Model Number


Maximum Mandrel Diameter

12 inches

Carriage Stroke

40, or 60 inches (options)

Maximum Mandrel Weight (per spindle)

50 lbs

Number of Spindles


Number of Axes


Spindle Speed

100 RPM

Carriage Speed

60 inches/sec

Fiber System

Wet winding or towpreg

Maximum Fiber Tension (Total)

25 lbs

Basic Machine Size (L x W x H)

70 X 30 X 52 inches

Control System
Available Winder Options
  • Built-in single tow towpreg creel
  • 120 VAC power outlet (or any available power)
Available Accessories
  • ST2 servo tensioning creel
  • Computer-aided tensioning creel
  • Wet winding drum resin bath
  • Wet winding dip resin bath
  • Delivery systems (towpreg & wet winding)
  • Tape tensioner
  • Safety fence
  • Safety light curtain
  • Safety control system
  • Tailstock chuck
  • Filament winder casters
  • Winder safety controls

All filament winders are compatible with standalone fiber tensioning and resin systems