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Custom Filament Winders

Capability Beyond the Standards

As a worldwide leader in the filament winding industry, Engineering Technology Corporation strives to create solutions beyond the standards, built to suit any unique customer need. The company is fully committed to the best outcome for each filament winding project, customer satisfaction, and long-term partnerships.

Work Cell with CXG filament winder, FANUC robot and ST2 tensioning creel

Engineering Technology Corporation’s team of engineers, materials specialists, and process technicians allows us to manufacture customized filament winding machinery, production lines, automated work cells, and other equipment to meet our customers’ production needs. The equipment portfolio includes everything from filament winders to fiber placement systems: polar winders, pipe winders, tape winders, mandrel extractors, bench winders, gantry systems, and more.

Apart from machinery, we develop production lines of any complexity and provide all the necessary auxiliary equipment, automation to any desired level, machinery installation, process integration, education, and training. Our expert staff will work with you to determine your needs and build the right filament winding equipment for your business. By teaming up with Engineering Technology Corporation to create your custom solution, you can count on receiving our industry-leading customer support for as long as you own your machine. Anytime, anywhere, our staff is here to support you.

Fiber Glass Pipe Production Line

Contact us to discuss your goals for filament winding and how we can apply our expert capabilities to create the best solution to suit your filament winding needs.

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