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Standard Filament Winders

Robust, Cost-Effective Solutions

Over sixty years of experience, tried and trusted design practices, years of cost reductions, decades developing custom filament winders and winding systems have led Engineering Technology Corporation to a competitive catalog of cost-effective and reliable standardized machinery that covers the majority of the market needs for filament winding. This standard line enables businesses of all sizes to quickly and affordably build up production capabilities.

Standard options range from laboratory scale table-top filament winders, made specifically for winding test coupons, up to multi-spindle automated pressure vessel winders with industry-leading fiber payout. Standard filament winders are easy to maintain with readily available spare parts. The customers can count on receiving the same exceptional service that Engineering Technology Corporation has been known for over the past fifty years.

In addition to standardized machinery, Engineering Technology Corporation provides custom production solutions and complete service, including production consulting, onsite machinery installation, process integration, training, and others to meet our customers’ needs for manufacturing composite parts.

Catalog of Standard Filament Winders
Lab-Scale Winding
Desktop Filament Winder
SC Filament Winder
  • Small and lightweight desktop filament winder
  • Ideal for R&D, lab, and educational use
  • 2 accurate axes of motion with adjustable tailstock
  • Multi-spindle design available for higher production volume
Compact Performance
SS+ Ideal for small production applications
SC+ Filament Winder
  • Compact design with integrated table, control cabinet, and storage
  • Ideal for small pressure vessels and other geometries requiring additional axes of motion
  • 3 or 4 accurate axes of motion with adjustable tailstock
Medium-Scale Production
filament winder for medium part production
SM Filament Winder
  • Robust single spindle winder for a wide range of applications
  • Ideal for medium envelope part production
  • Up to 5 axes of motion in a portable design
Full-Scale Production
filament winder for high-rate production
SM+ Filament Winder
  • Fast and flexible production winder
  • Ideal for high-rate production of medium envelope parts
  • Up to 5 axes of motion in a compact platform with multiple beam lengths
High-Speed Winding
Filament winding machine for high-speed winding
CXG Filament Winder
  • Advanced filament winder capable of speeds up to 5 m/s
  • Ideal for high-volume automotive applications, including CNG and CHG tanks
  • 4 high-speed axes
  • Lightweight dual-drive carriage
Large-Scale Winding
filament winder for large tanks or tubes
SL Filament Winder
  • Large format workhorse designed to handle any large tank or tube
  • Ideal for Aerospace, Oil & Gas, and Utility applications
  • Up to 5 axes of motion
Summary of Standard Filament Winders Icon down
Catalog of Standard Filament Winders*
lbs 50 50 750 1 000 1 000 20 000
kg 23 23 340 454 454 9 072
inches 1-12 1-12 1-24 1-30 1-16 1-80
mm 25-305 25-305 25-610 25-762 25-406 25-2 032
inches 60 60 200 200 200 475
mm 1 524 1 524 5 080 5 080 5 080 12 065
of Spindles
1 1 1 1-9 3-5 1
of Axes
2 3-4 2-5 2-5 4 2-6
Speed icon speed value icon speed value icon speed value icon speed value icon speed value icon speed value
*Variable characteristic based on wound part specifications
Custom filament winders
Custom Filament Winders

Capability beyond the standard machines tailored specifically for unique customer needs

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